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What are shockwaves?

Shockwaves are acoustical pressure waves that are generated with supersonic velocity.

Electro-hydraulic technology

Electro-hydraulic technology creates shockwaves by passing a high-voltage electrical current across a spark-gap electrode enclosed in a water-filled container (i.e. the therapy head of the device). This discharge of energy produces a vaporization bubble, which expands and immediately collapses, thus generating a high-energy pressure wave and a sound similar to that of clapping your hands. The shockwaves are then reflected by the walls of the therapy head and positioned precisely on the treatment area.

Radial pressure waves

For certain indications we additionally employ technology that uses pressure waves generated by compressed air. These waves are suitable for superficial structures and are able to reduce the tension in muscles, which can positively influence the treatment outcome for some tendinopathies (i.e. painful, chronically inflamed tendons).